SeaCare- Health Management Platform

The first and only complete enterprise software solution for global medical operations within the maritime industry.


The platform represents a culmination of over five years and millions of dollars in research and development involving the industry’s most respected and foremost leading experts including; medical directors, senior executives, risk management professionals, public health officials, compliance authorities, legal specialists and technology innovators.

Clients can manage every aspect of medical operations while connecting and collaborating with information across their entire fleet of ships, crew members and medical providers. This allows for more efficient processes and improved management visibility and control while mitigating the high risks involved with overseeing medical operations.

The platform is the only existing system uniquely designed for this industry with a proven real-world Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Global Dashboard

    Control your fleet from anywhere in the world through one centralized view of the entire organization’s activities and all medical operation indicators in real-time.

  • Case Management

    Centralize and manage all crew and guest case information. Whether a referral, emergency, repatriation or legal case, your organization will have direct access to real-time information.

  • Efficiency & Collaboration

    Each department’s intricate processes will have the ability to unite and collaborate via the Health Platform removing the dependency on email strings and paper based processes.

  • Centralized Health Record

    In compliance with several regulations, such as the Maritime Labour Convention, the Health Platform allows for one centralized health record accessible onboard and across the organization.

  • Robust Clinical Tools

    Some of the most advanced clinical and operational tools available in the maritime industry which allow an organization to standardize methods of care and provide clinicians with the latest in technology.

  • Business Intelligence

    Automatically calculate your key performance indicators across the entire organization through robust reporting tools and interactive dashboards.

  • Public Health Management

    Automate and enhance the management of your public health and compliance required by various regulatory agencies such as the CDC Vessel Sanitation Program, Health Canada, European CDC and others.

  • TeleConsult

    Real-Time collaboration with third-party medical specialists under one complete platform which utilizes minimal bandwidth and minimal IT support.

  • 3rd Party Medical Providers

    Connect with third party shoreside medical providers in order to ensure a more compliant, accurate and efficient exchange of information for referrals or employment exams.

  • Health & Wellness

    Implement and manage health and wellness programs onboard through the platform’s ability to enroll, track and measure each crew member’s enrollment and compliance with the programs.

  • Crew Portal

    Connect directly with your crew members across the fleet via a secure access portal which supports a collaborative relationship for health initiatives and information.

  • Compliance

    Ensure compliance with the various privacy regulations such as the US Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the EU European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


SeaEvent- Event Management Platform

The most complete enterprise software solution for global incident management within the maritime industry.


An end-to-end enterprise software platform that allows your organization to effectively report, trend and analyze incidents across global fleet operations for the areas of health, environmental, safety, quality, security and technical. Your organization will gain the tools required to obtain critical insight into these events while ensuring that key compliance and policy measures are appropriately adhered to. The result is an improved ability to focus the organization on continuous improvement and incident prevention.

  • Real-time Insight & Dashboards

    Gain real-time insight into key information on all incidents occurring across your entire fleet while centrally tracking, trending and managing reporting, compliance and prevention.

  • Centralized Management

    The ultimate in management controls and advanced tools that allow an organization to centrally manage all incident information, compliance and communication through one platform.

  • Root Cause Analytics

    Robust functionality combined with cutting-edge business intelligence tools that allow you to analyze individual or group events at both the ship and fleet levels.

  • Event Relation

    Easily correlate events to one another so that the organization can identify how multiple events contribute to root causes and create effective corrective action.

  • Corrective Action Management

    Implement measurable corrective action for single or global incidents and accurately assess their impact over a period of time.

  • Dynamic Collaboration

    Achieve cross-departmental collaboration and efficiencies through one centralized platform avoiding disjointed information and potential risks.

  • Protocol Management

    Easily enforce protocols by deploying standard processes that are integrated to workflows and documentation with the ability to administer organizational changes centrally and in real-time.

  • Investigation Management

    Accurately capture and centralize all critical information regarding a potential or existing investigation by utilizing our powerful collaboration features and robust documentation tools.

  • Analytics & Trends

    Utilize the most advanced tools in trend analysis and charting to be able to view a real-time pulse of all events, corrective action and key information regarding incidents.

  • Audit Capability

    Track all actions and user activity for every aspect of your incidents in order to stay compliant and maintain key oversight.


SeaScore- Performance Management Platform

A versatile enterprise platform that allows your organization to effectively rate and review crew and officer competency and performance across the fleet.


Each department can record, track and trend key areas of proficiency and employee reviews through one seamless platform. This allows the organization to identify areas of departmental improvement while analyzing individual crew and officer performance.

  • Organizational Proficiency Dashboards

    Easily view the entire organization’s proficiency across different levels of skill and competency in one view that can be detailed down to the individual.

  • Staff Competency

    Gain insight into individual crew and officer performance along with peer comparisons over the period of employment with consolidated and interactive dashboards.

  • Automatic Rating Calculations

    Automatically calculate proficiency scores in each respective area of competency.

  • Dynamic Templates

    Interact with configurable templates that ensure ease of use and accurate capture of information in a standardized and reportable method.

  • Anytime/Anywhere Access

    Access securely from any part of the world with an available internet connection.

  • Self-Assessment

    Allow for staff members to conduct self-assessments in collaboration with their assessors.

  • Electronic Signature

    Easily capture electronic consents and approvals for various roles and staff members.

  • Multiple Assessors

    Collaborate with multiple assessors on the same review of performance to ensure complete feedback from all appropriate reviewers.

  • Audit Capability

    Track all actions and user activity for every aspect of your staff reviews for full compliance and oversight.

  • Centralized Management

    The ultimate in management controls and advanced tools that allow an organization to centrally manage all crew and officer performance in one easily managed platform.



Operational Dashboards
Every platform we provide offers numerous visual dashboards that bring forth real-time insight into the critical aspects of your organization. Through our unique technology, we bring the highest levels of data speed and quality across limited connectivity and globally dispersed locations. We assimilate this data into actionable information that allows decision makers to act with an enhanced level of insight.

Data Warehousing
Tritan facilitates the aggregation of organizational data coming from any of its platforms along with any third party systems. Many third party systems do not have the ability to manage large data sets, hence limited that value that can be obtained from its data. With Tritan, we establish the architecture and data elements that are most important to the business and then utilize various tools to help your organization extract business insight.

Tritan offers proprietary tools that allow organizations to track, trend, analyze and compare various aspects. The architecture of our software provides for the ultimate in data accuracy and structure which provides an endless opportunity to see information in ways that were not available before.


Our proprietary SeaSync technology utilizes the latest in advanced replication and satellite synchronization technologies.


Due to the stringent requirements for low-to-no internet connectivity within the industry, Tritan leverages several patented and proprietary methods, known as SeaSync, to ensure that global synchronization and operation are seamless. Tritan is the only provider that can apply this level of advanced technology within our uniquely complex environments. Our technology is employed daily to manage millions of records, across thousands of locations worldwide.

Quality & Speed
Full synchronization and replication of data across globally dispersed sites of limited connectivity with the industry’s highest levels of quality and speed. We utilize satellite-enabled hybrid technology and algorithms that allow for continuous operation and real-time visibility across your entire operations , 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year anywhere in the world.

Low-Bandwidth Capability
The most advanced technology available in the industry with the proven ability and the years of experience operating under challenging connectivity constraints. We utilize minimal bandwidth requirements to exchange large quantities of data to globally disperse sites with zero conflicts.

Fully-Managed Platform
Our advanced technology requires no maintenance on behalf of our Clients and is fully supported by Tritan. Clients simply deploy this technology as part of our software and gain the full advantage of industry leading data synchronization and aggregation capabilities.