Operational Dashboards
Every platform we provide offers numerous visual dashboards that bring forth real-time insight into the critical aspects of your organization. Through our unique technology, we bring the highest levels of data speed and quality across limited connectivity and globally dispersed locations. We assimilate this data into actionable information that allows decision makers to act with an enhanced level of insight.

Data Warehousing
Tritan facilitates the aggregation of organizational data coming from any of its platforms along with any third party systems. Many third party systems do not have the ability to manage large data sets, hence limited that value that can be obtained from its data. With Tritan, we establish the architecture and data elements that are most important to the business and then utilize various tools to help your organization extract business insight.

Tritan offers proprietary tools that allow organizations to track, trend, analyze and compare various aspects. The architecture of our software provides for the ultimate in data accuracy and structure which provides an endless opportunity to see information in ways that were not available before.