Our proprietary SeaSync technology utilizes the latest in advanced replication and satellite synchronization technologies.


Due to the stringent requirements for low-to-no internet connectivity within the industry, Tritan leverages several patented and proprietary methods, known as SeaSync, to ensure that global synchronization and operation are seamless. Tritan is the only provider that can apply this level of advanced technology within our uniquely complex environments. Our technology is employed daily to manage millions of records, across thousands of locations worldwide.

Quality & Speed
Full synchronization and replication of data across globally dispersed sites of limited connectivity with the industry’s highest levels of quality and speed. We utilize satellite-enabled hybrid technology and algorithms that allow for continuous operation and real-time visibility across your entire operations , 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year anywhere in the world.

Low-Bandwidth Capability
The most advanced technology available in the industry with the proven ability and the years of experience operating under challenging connectivity constraints. We utilize minimal bandwidth requirements to exchange large quantities of data to globally disperse sites with zero conflicts.

Fully-Managed Platform
Our advanced technology requires no maintenance on behalf of our Clients and is fully supported by Tritan. Clients simply deploy this technology as part of our software and gain the full advantage of industry leading data synchronization and aggregation capabilities.