A versatile enterprise safety management platform that focuses on intelligence driven workflows, automated compliance and a prevention-based safety approach.


SeaSafe® is the industry’s most innovative safety and environmental management system designed to address the rapidly evolving needs and regulations of the offshore industry. SeaSafe® brings the ultimate in automation, collaboration and analytics to help organizations meet all compliance, ISM, ISO and industry requirements while enabling a prevention-focused and quality-based approach.

  • Intelligence Driven

    Advanced algorithms provide users with only relevant information and workflows based on roles, responsibilities and tasks to be performed so that compliance information is easy to search and operationalize.

  • Permits to Work Automation

    Permits are auto-populated based upon relevant questions and approvals which are supported by efficient checklists and workflows to enforce proper authorizations, LOTO procedures, work, inspections and certificates.

  • Collaborative Tools

    Ship and shoreside staff are able to effectively collaborate across departments on policies and procedures through dynamic workflows and modern tools via chat, comments and inline referencing.

  • Configurable Approvals

    Create specific approval and feedback loops from required and optional users within the organization to ensure adequate input and review for all areas and aspects of compliance.

  • Publishing & Revision Management

    A seamless suite of tools allows for the efficient scheduling, revising and publishing of existing and new policies and procedures resulting in a more efficient and compliant way to administer content.

  • Integration & Synchronization

    Effortlessly link and utilize information from SeaSafe across all of Tritan’s product suite, without changing or compromising workflows.

  • Certificate Management

    Track and maintain all required certificates with inspection and expiration dates in easy to understand visual dashboards combined with effective alerts and notifications.

  • Notifications & Task Management

    Create and receive timely notifications for key actions required for compliance and easily manage appropriate tasks among teams, departments and vessels so that no step in adherence is missed.

  • Centralized Control & Distribution

    All policies, procedures and compliance information reside in a centrally managed and distributed instance allowing the most current information for ship and shore to be available with no conflicts.

  • Checklist & Form Builder

    Easily create dynamic and reportable checklists along with the flexibility of a form builder to create new or modify existing required forms.

  • Risk Assessments

    Perform and track risk assessments integrated with required tasks or notifications to enhance key mitigation of events along with maintaining appropriate compliance.

  • Enhanced Analytics

    Gain unparalleled insight into areas of safety and environmental compliance with a robust suite of dashboards, analytics and report builder functionality design to attain actionable information.