SeaEvent- Event Management Platform

The most complete enterprise software solution for global incident management within the maritime industry.


An end-to-end enterprise software platform that allows your organization to effectively report, trend and analyze incidents across global fleet operations for the areas of health, environmental, safety, quality, security and technical. Your organization will gain the tools required to obtain critical insight into these events while ensuring that key compliance and policy measures are appropriately adhered to. The result is an improved ability to focus the organization on continuous improvement and incident prevention.

  • Real-time Insight & Dashboards

    Gain real-time insight into key information on all incidents occurring across your entire fleet while centrally tracking, trending and managing reporting, compliance and prevention.

  • Centralized Management

    The ultimate in management controls and advanced tools that allow an organization to centrally manage all incident information, compliance and communication through one platform.

  • Root Cause Analytics

    Robust functionality combined with cutting-edge business intelligence tools that allow you to analyze individual or group events at both the ship and fleet levels.

  • Event Relation

    Easily correlate events to one another so that the organization can identify how multiple events contribute to root causes and create effective corrective action.

  • Corrective Action Management

    Implement measurable corrective action for single or global incidents and accurately assess their impact over a period of time.

  • Dynamic Collaboration

    Achieve cross-departmental collaboration and efficiencies through one centralized platform avoiding disjointed information and potential risks.

  • Protocol Management

    Easily enforce protocols by deploying standard processes that are integrated to workflows and documentation with the ability to administer organizational changes centrally and in real-time.

  • Investigation Management

    Accurately capture and centralize all critical information regarding a potential or existing investigation by utilizing our powerful collaboration features and robust documentation tools.

  • Analytics & Trends

    Utilize the most advanced tools in trend analysis and charting to be able to view a real-time pulse of all events, corrective action and key information regarding incidents.

  • Audit Capability

    Track all actions and user activity for every aspect of your incidents in order to stay compliant and maintain key oversight.