COVID-19 Update

Tritan Software supports over 97% of cruise lines with a rapid growing adoption among other segments in the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented one of the largest challenges our industry has faced to date. We understand that our solutions represent a significant component to our client’s operations and the industry’s response during this critical period. We are working 24/7, directly with vessel operators, ports and numerous health and regulatory agencies across the world to ensure that we continue our positive contribution to address and overcome these challenges together.

How Are We Assisting Clients With COVID-19?

Our biggest contribution with our clients and the industry comes in the form of our product innovation and the features that exist to directly assist in the management and compliance around communicable diseases and COVID-19. Fortunately, this expertise has long existed within our products due to industry requirements surrounding compliance reporting with the various international ports and regulatory agencies.

From an operational perspective, Tritan Software continues to provide unwavering 24-7 service to our clients worldwide. All COVID-19 related support requests are immediately triaged at the highest priority level and receive immediate attention. We have also enhanced our service offerings to ensure that our clients receive urgent support in various areas of need regarding outbreak response, training and product support. 

Importantly, we are facilitating industry-wide collaboration and compliance by ensuring the release of new and innovative features to be implemented into our software. Together with our clients, we are actively engaged in allocating all resources and talent to support the wellness and safety of passengers and seafarers worldwide.

How Do Our Solutions Help?

SeaCare currently complies with numerous health and regulatory agencies in regards to previous compliance requirements. An area of this compliance is centered strongly around communicable disease management and reporting which include; contact tracing, compliance reporting, decision support, quarantine, isolation and notification management. Additionally, new features such as SeaConsult (aka Telemedicine, Virtual Cabin Visits) are being deployed to support these processes. These capabilities assist our clients to manage these very complex events and regulations existing across the world. New requirements around COVID-19 are actively being published and evolving, of which Tritan Software is established to be the first in the industry to comply with. Our clients are currently best positioned to manage the existing and future requirements during this challenging period. 

Additionally, organizations are also working to utilize SeaEvent for future pandemic planning along with incident management and response surrounding events such as COVID-19. These events have a broad impact across numerous areas of an organization and require proper operational tools provided by this solution in order to adequately implement and manage adverse events. 

In addition to our Professional Services, Tritan Software has also partnered with several leading companies who provide support to assist the industry with various COVID-19 services. These partners leverage our solutions to provide Virtual Consults via telemedicine services, COVID-19 hotlines, response planning, case management, travel and employee assistance programs to help address the various needs of our clientele.

Tritan Software is working 24/7 in partnership with our clients and numerous agencies to ensure that the safety and well being of all passengers and seafarers across the world remain our first priority. Together we will overcome the challenges of COVID-19 and emerge a stronger, healthier and safer industry. 

Onboard for Better Health & Safety!

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